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Sell Your Home

Options available to you depend on a number of factors so please reach out to schedule a free consultation so that we can walk you through your options and create a custom plan just for you!

Monetary Option

While selling a house, a homeowner may be worried about their monetary options. There can
be many options available to you depending on factors like :


Length of time in foreclosure
Pending Judgment & Liens
Mortgage Servicer
Condition of the Home 
Amount Owed.

Why Us?

Elite Homeowner Advisor considers all aspects of your situation and seeks the best possible monetary options for you.

Short Sale

A short sale is done when a homeowner is financially distressed and owes more on the property than the current market value. 

Some advantages of a short sale are:
Avoid a deficiency judgment 
Credit can rebound in 24 months 
Get time to move 
Relocation assistance
Settle your debts

Why Us?

Short sales are lengthy procedures and may take up to one year. That is why you require professional assistance to perform the intensive paperwork and close the deal.
Elite Homeowner Advisor can take you through the entire process seamlessly.
We work to maximize your financial gains in the situation by minimizing your losses.

Quick Sale

Occasionally, a homeowner or an heir may need to quickly sell their houses to get liquid cash, move to another state, or for any other reason. We can help you get a quick sale offer if you want to sell your property in less than 30 days.

Why Us?

We Close Quickly at Optimum Price.

Estate Sale

In the case of an inherited property, there may be many strings attached.

An heir is usually unaware of the:

The exact value of the property

How to gain ownership
How to sell the property
We can guide you on how you can maximize your benefit from the inherited estate.

Why Us?

Elite homeowner Advisor addresses the unique circumstance of each individual estate.
We assist in locating additional heirs.
We help avoid lengthy court proceedings, saving you time and money
We can also help you get legal assistance to cover the court costs if incurred.

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