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Keeping Your Home

If you'd like to keep your home, it's important to know that you do have options. Below are some options, but please reach out to review all possible options for you to stay in your home by booking a free consultation.

Loan Modification

A loan modification is most often the best option to start with. If the homeowner experiences a temporary financial setback that impacts timely mortgage payments, then a loan modification can be requested. A loan modification means that the original terms of the mortgage are renegotiated. It does not nullify or pay off the current mortgage. It only changes the terms of the same mortgage, reducing the interest rate, extending the loan length to minimize the installments, or adding a balloon payment to maintain affordable payments.

It is a relief plan

Helps avoid foreclosure

Why Us?

We can analyze your budget and present you with the best option available.

There are many forms of loan modification, such as:

Reduce the interest rate
Extend the length of the loan
Switch from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage
Roll late fees into the principal balance
Reduce principal balance

Assumption of Loan

A loan assumption is a process in which a borrower transfers the responsibility of a loan to another person. An assumable mortgage permits the buyer to take over the seller's mortgage. Once the lender approves the Assumption, the new borrower will take over the payments and their responsibilities.

The original borrower is released from any further obligation to the lender.

Short Pay

A short payoff occurs when a borrower cannot pay the mortgage on his or her property and is permitted to sell or buy the property for less than the total amount due at a loss to the lender, investor, and/or insurer.

In such a case, the buyer [the homeowner, family
member/friend or third party] is allowed to purchase the home for a lesser amount than what is owed.


Usually better than a foreclosure for the homeowner because:

It saves them the embarrassment of facing foreclosure.

The borrower's credit rating does not suffer severely because most banks consider short payoffs as full payment for loans.

You can keep your home.

Why Us?

The most challenging part of this process is convincing the bank to accept a lower payment. A real estate advisor like us can help mediate between you and your bank.
We do all the paperwork and help you go through the process easily.

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